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Having good basic understanding of how Emerald Insight works will allow you to get more out of your experience.

Whether you want to jump straight to relevant content, explore new paths or personalise your journey – these guides and demonstrations will show you how.

How do I create a user profile on Emerald Insight?

Personalise your research journey with an Emerald Insight user Profile.

Creating a user profile – Video demonstration

Watch our video demonstration or read our user guide below to find out more on saving searches and setting up content alerts with your own Emerald Insight Profile.

How-to guide

Creating a user profile

How do I get the most from search?

You can watch our video demonstrations or read our user guide below to find out more.

How-to guide

How to get the most from search


Fast and accurate search technology to help you find the content you need.



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How do I discover through browse?

Browse by content type – Video demonstration

You can browse by journals, books, case studies and expert briefings

How can I set up content alerts?

eCases user guide

Complete guide for users accessing eCases and teaching notes on Emerald Insight. Also, discover the Emerald Cases Hub, where you will find resources on how to write a quality case study and increase chances of publication.

Read the guide

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