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How can you keep your teaching fresh and relevant in such a rapidly changing world? Expert Briefings allow you to show how the theoretical principles you teach can make sense of current global or local events, and be used to develop future strategies.

Learn how Expert Briefings work for you and your students.



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Learning with Expert Briefings

Support core skills development in students by introducing them to a 'practice oriented' way of reporting information.

Open the minds of students with real time content that they can relate to

Keeps students informed on how current global and local events are shaping their future.

Engages and inspires students with insights into events unfolding around them.

A trusted, evidence-based source that you and your students can rely on

Data collated from multiple verified sources - no need to trawl news sites for topical examples.

Expert authors are protected by anonymity to ensure analysis is bold, unbiased, and objective.  

Prepare students for the world of work – practice applying theory to complex, real-world examples

Daily briefings train students how to engage critically with complex political, social, and economic events.

The five-year archive gives students a historical frame of reference for the key decisions they will make today, and in the future.

Teaching with Expert Briefings

Save time on teaching preparation with a resource that provides accurate information quickly and in one place.

Relevant – up to the minute analysis of events in your region or on the world stage

Informed – analysis from over 1,500 academics, former policymakers, regulators and industry leaders

Focused – distilling data from multiple sources to identify what is important and understand the broader significance

Objective – the Expert Briefings team review all content and have spent more than 40 years developing techniques to identify and mitigate bias

Accessible – succinct and easy to read for students at every level and non-native English speakers

Illustrative questions for seminar discussions & essays

Always have current content available – using the theme of global sustainable development, see how unbiased expert analysis of recent event can be used to bring thematic teaching to life.

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How are Expert Briefings created?

Expert Briefings are created by independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm Oxford Analytica. Since 1975 they have been working to generate clear, unbiased insights from complicated, confused, and sometimes uncertain information. Here’s how they do it.


Generating clear foresight from a mass of complicated, confused and sometimes uncertain information by first separating the signal from the noise and then subjecting that to rigorous analysis.

The result is insight that is being used today to inform decisions by governments, policymakers, and business professionals.

EXBR methodology

Signal from noise leading to analytical rigour:

  • Sources on the ground
  • Official sources
  • Research studies
  • Social media
  • Databases
  • Legal and regulatory data
  • Broadcasters
  • Podcasts and papers
  • News media


  • Global expert network – Over 1,400 leading scholars, policymakers, regulators and industry experts deliver targeted insights
  • Region heads – Senior advisors steer and validate analytical coverage
  • In-house teams – Regional and sectoral specialists ensure actionable, timely and tailored analysis

Value added to analysis leading to actionable insights

Meet the experts

The more than 1500 contributors to Expert Briefings are anonymous, but you can learn about the Region Heads and Analysts who turn contributor inputs into focused and accessible briefings for you and your students on the Oxford Analytica website.

Meet the Region heads 

Forty senior members of Oxford Analytica’s network work to help identify key themes and frame questions relevant to your teaching.

Region heads are leading academics or former senior industry and government practitioners who are abreast of cutting-edge thinking on geopolitical and macroeconomic issues.

Region teams cover: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Russia & CIS, and International. Meet the Region Heads

Meet the Analysts

They ensure that Expert Briefings analysis is not only timely and relevant to your students but also of the highest analytical and editorial standards and presented in plain-spoken and precise English. Meet the Analysts

Learn more about the people who create Expert Briefings

Avoiding bias


Oxford Analytica is independent, so protected from partisan or ideological agendas.


The reality of events is reported without restriction, as contributors are anonymous.

Peer review

Analysis is critiqued using both internal and external experts to expose bias, provide rigour, challenge arguments and allow for new viewpoints.


Many issues in the global economy cut across regions and topics – by running analysis across experts from different fields, the blind spots inherent in any one area are identified.

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