Emerald Engage

Join our global community of librarians and those involved with research, where you can connect, learn and share your experiences and challenges.

Emerald Engage is a place to connect with your peers from around the globe, a place we believe is informative and rewarding. Where you can develop your network, connect with industry leaders and debate the things that matter in a trusted and valued environment.

There are discussion rooms and events on relevant topics and areas of interest, lots of informative industry information, you'll be able to challenge your own thinking as well as the thinking of others and to help shape the future of Emerald.

We're also recognising your contribution to the community with our monthly Prize Draw and Member of the Month schemes, where you'll be able to choose a charity to donate to, but above all, we'd like to hear what you think about the things that matter.

There are lots to get involved with, so why not join today and start to engage, debate and collaborate.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Welcome to Emerald Engage, the community for those involved in research

The last year has proven that academic research brings a wealth of opportunities and challenges, both with in our work and our day to day lives.

We’ve developed Emerald Engage to be a community specifically for those that are involved with research. It’s a place where you can grow your network, connect with industry leaders from around the world and debate the things that matter in a trusted and valued environment.

A place for... collaboration

Our members engage online through a dedicated community platform – Emerald Engage, where you can join online chat rooms, access information about events and participate in surveys and polls. As a community member you’ll be invited to topics and rooms that are relevant to your role, either as a librarian or as a researcher.

Our chat rooms focus on current issues, covering industry topics, the current environment as well as giving access to tools and resources that can help you develop in your career. It’s also a place to collaborate and seek opinion and challenge thinking as well as that of others and gain a global perspective from your peers.

A place to... share knowledge

We’ve covered topics such as ‘the role of social media use within libraries’, ‘the challenges for women in academia’ and more. We also invite thought leaders from around the globe to contribute and lead these sessions.

We’d also like you to help us develop Emerald in a way that supports your future needs.

We’ve provided a resource centre with free to access to resources we regularly update. As it’s your community we’re always open to hearing your feedback on what else you’d like to see, discuss, or get information to help you develop in your career or just help make things a little easier.

A place to... be rewarded

We’re recognising your contribution to the community with our monthly Prize Draw and a reward for our most engaged Member of the Month, where you’ll be able to choose from a list of charities which we will make a donation to on your behalf.

Acting as a responsible business is at the heart of everything Emerald does. We believe in taking responsibility and working collaboratively with our partners, communities and colleagues. We’re passionate about supporting charities, foundations and organisations that link to Emerald’s core business purpose.

Join the conversation

We’ve also engaged with a number of Engage ‘buddies’ who are there to provide expert opinion and lead the conversation in some of the rooms.

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