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Championing fresh thinking has been at the heart of the Emerald business for more than 50 years.



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Whether it’s the future of research assessment, open access or finding new ways make research be more accessible & discoverable, we want to influence positive change

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Celebrate the research community’s commitment to impact with our awards for interdisciplinary research, outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers, case writing competitions, and much more...

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Many of us have worked in academic publishing for decades, but we also have backgrounds in communications, retail and finance. Read our leadership team biographies and get to know us. 

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Who we are

Emerald Publishing is one of the world's leading digital first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference. We work with thousands of universities and business schools across the world to share knowledge and provoke the kind of debate that leads to positive change. We are a family business passionate about people and doing things differently.

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What makes us different

For over 50 years, championing fresh thinking has been at the heart of the Emerald business. Our goal is to help those in academia or people in practice work together to make a positive change in the real world.

While our roots are in publishing, we recognise our audiences need unique support, guidance and resources. The world of academia is under increasing pressure and expectation, and the traditional markers of influence such as citations are limited. Our role is to help challenge conventional ways of thinking, bringing people together to discover, curate and put into practice research that really matters.

How do we do this?

We don’t hide behind slogans or preach empty sentiment – we focus on meaningful, small steps that come together to create something powerful. Our author services help researchers to tell their story in a more meaningful way, exciting new formats bring research to life in our journals, cases studies and award-winning books, and new innovative platforms help disseminate research more widely. We support openness and transparency, and our drive for quality, instils trust and confidence.  

Our family values and independence fuel our passion for making a difference and bringing people together to create real impact in the real world. Because to us that’s how real change starts – one idea, one connection, one informed decision at a time.

Find out about our stance

We’re only going to be limited by our imagination. The great thing is that Emerald is a strong, principled business willing to lead positive change. A great model of family ownership, motivated by a deep-rooted desire to do the right thing by our communities, gives us freedom to move and experiment.

What makes us proud

Being acknowledged by our industry for the positive work we are doing is really rewarding.

We are particularly proud to have been named this year’s IPA ‘Independent Publisher of the Year, with the judges commenting 'There’s a great energy about Emerald, and you get a really good sense of what they want to achieve and how. They are a company that could be resting on its successes and set in its ways, but instead is screaming innovation, creativity and vision.'

Emerald awards

Emerald awards

Celebrate the research community’s commitment to impact with our awards for interdisciplinary research, outstanding contributions of authors and reviewers, case writing competitions, and much more...

We address global challenges

We are passionate about leading change and aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to go further by addressing the challenges facing society today and bringing communities together to share knowledge and foster debate.

Are you change ready?

Inspiring Voices - Gender Equality

In 2019, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to senior leaders in academia about bettering the balance for women.


Break the cycle – Quality education

UNESCO’s International Literacy Day is raising awareness globally on the issues surrounding childhood and adult literacy.


Are you change ready?

Achieving real change in research is hard, complex work. The combination of outdated and prescriptive academic systems, make change difficult.


Blogs, events & news

Opinion and Blog

How are citation metrics marginalising knowledge in developing countries?

Primarily using citation metrics can marginalise knowledge in developing countries. We hear from Dr Kezia H. Mkwizu and Dr Janet C Kimeto on their…

27th January 2022

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Opinion and Blog

Have we 'hit a wall' on pushing for broader metrics?

Our Time for change report suggests a slowdown of interest in a broader set of metrics for research evaluation and a lethargy for change. But is this…

24th January 2022

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Opinion and Blog

A new study kicks off – how hybrid-remote work challenges trust, collaboration, and fairness

Dr. Christine Ipsen, Dr. Kathrin Kirchner, and Dr. Kasper Edwards discuss how hybrid-remote work challenges trust, collaboration and fairness.

12th January 2022

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News and Press Releases

Why mental health services are failing people of colour in the UK

Counselling psychologist Dr Richard Majors talks candidly about racism towards Black mental health professionals and the impact racism has on mental…

11th January 2022

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Opinion and Blog

Building an open research culture

When Emerald’s Head of Open Research, Shelley Allen, thinks about the future of publishing, she is positive – it is Open. But reflecting on Emerald’s…

6th January 2022

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Opinion and Blog

Improving academic culture, a view from the publisher and from industry

Emerald's Sharon Parkinson and Goal Advisor for Healthier Lives Dr Zana Khan, reflect on what can be done to improve academic culture in the industry…

6th January 2022

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Opinion and Blog

How can we make editorial boards more diverse?

A perspective from Emerald Publishing by Sally Wilson, Publishing Director - There aren’t necessarily any quick fixes that will make editorial boards…

15th December 2021

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Opinion and Blog

What is preventing diversity on editorial boards?

Rania Sawalhi, Gonzalo Díaz Meneses, and Sombo Muzata share their thoughts of what is preventing diversity in editorial boards and what more can be…

6th December 2021

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Opinion and Blog

Anti-racism and community colleges: best practices for inclusion, social justice, and liberation

In what ways can community colleges represent regional developments of anti-racism, inclusion, social justice, and liberation? Find out with anti-…

29th November 2021

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Opinion and Blog

Greenwashing – an opportunity for us to identify what is needed to bring the smaller firms on board?

Kevin Phun describes how research into greenwashing could help us to understand some of the gaps in implementation, find ways to improve initiatives…

25th November 2021

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